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LGF3 Restless Heart

Born: June 23, 2014

Sire and Dam: Bar None Bring It On & LGF3 Heart Ache

LGF3 Restless Heart brings to our program what we have been developing. A doe with feminine traits and dimension all in one package. From her correct roman head to the expressive rear hip this doe just exhibits those qualities that are to be found in a correct boer goat doe.

Restless Heart
LGF3 Thelma

Born: Aug 14, 2013

Sire and Dam: Electrical Overload & LGF3 Bella

LGF3 Thelma brings to our operation a wide powerful muscle packed doe that really represents what we are trying to accomplish, a stylish doe that exhibits all the power one can ask for and at the same time retaining a doe like characteristic. She has already won several show classes. Her purebred breeding is a result of our original line of percentage does several generations later crossed with DC1 Electrical Overload who stamps that powerful and modern clean front end on his offspring.

Thelma a
LGF3 Sweet Child 'O' Mine

Born: Jan 1, 2013

Sire and Dam: Ennobled 4Kids Buttmaster & Doe of Excellence TW1 Not So Boering Chaquita

LGF3 Sweet Child 'O' Mine is a product of crossing Ennobled 4Kids Buttmaster and Doe of Excellence TW1 Not So Boering Chaquita. The cross worked, Sweet Child has earned 80-points to date out earning her dam. That's what they are supposed to be able to do. She has a massive frame and all the breed character we strive for in our program

Thelma a
LGF3 Ginger

Born: Mar 2, 2012

Sire and Dam: Pale Rider & Tiffany Y2

Ginger is a very classy doe and has done well as part of our 2012 show string. Her sister was recently sold with ABGA points. Her dam produced one of our yearling show does of this year, Chantilly Lace. She comes from a line that has produced well for us.

AFB2 No Less Than Grand

Born: Dec 23, 2011

Sire and Dam: Shiloh Rambo & Back 2 Nature

No less than grand came to us at the ABGA nationals this year. She is one very gorgeous paint doe who expresses extreme width through her body. She should produce some very high quality kids when her time comes around to breed.

RBGO Precision A95**Ennobled**

Born: Mar 9, 2011

Sire and Dam: Gauge & KTBG Socks

Precision is a daughter of the all time high point earning buck RRD Gauge. She is a very correct doe and is currently being bred for her first kidding. She exhibits alot of femine characteristics, her kids should be something to look forward to.

RBGO Mountain Mist A183

Born: Mar 2, 2011

Sire and Dam: RBGO Brookes Mountain z7 & Boer X

Mountain Mist is added to our percentage program for another foundation doe to complement our percentage program, she adds a nice frame and correct type to our program.


Born: Feb 27, 2011

Sire and Dam: Smokin Cannon & Laura

Bella is a very fine percentage doe from our RBGO Smokin Cannon breedings of 2011. She earned a spot in the NAILE placings in her class and along with Sunset earned a fourth place for percentage pairs at NAILE in 2011. She is sure to turn out some powerful kids this coming year.


Born: Feb 16, 2011

Sire and Dam: Smokin Cannon & E10 Dreamer

Jasmine is a feminine FB doe out of Dreamer. She is another of our RBGO Smokin Cannon daughters from 2011 and exhibits the very typical "pretty" look that Smokin Cannon places on his offspring.


Born: August 30, 2010

Sire and Dam: Locked & Loaded and Chaquita

Sunset is one of those percentage does that just screams, show me! We showed her quite often until she had to be bred to begin production. She was a major contributor to aiding Chaquita in obtaining her doe of excellence. She also placed well in the 2011 NAILE show in her class.

Razzle Dazzle

Born: April 25, 2009

Sire and Dam: Big2 Hot Shot and Rowdy MTNS. V70

Razzle Dazzle comes to us from Samantha Manning and exhibits a lot of femininity while not lacking in size.

Razzle Dazzle

Born: Feb. 28, 2009

Sire and Dam: NIX BESSER758 SA ALPHA, CHAR 10464237 CHAR V25

Oreo is a deep doe with large frame and is a superb mother to her kids. Her dam was a very well built doe and we unfortunatelly lost her way too young as I am confident she would have produced many more does like Oreo. Her dam's genetics produced the added colors to this doe, which gives her some added eye appeal. She is rugged and another very easy keeper.


Born: Feb. 25, 2009

Sire and Dam: Alpha & Wishes

Dreamer is another ne of those does that can produce the kind of kid crops you wish all your does could do. Last year she produced one of our herd replenishment does, Jasmine. This year she produced three does and one has points already. She has a very feminine look to her and is yet another easy keeping great milking doe. The Class of 2009 was one that really was a great start for us and Dreamer was a large part of that.

RBGO TIFFANY Y2 **Ennobled**

Born: Feb. 20, 2009

Sire and Dam: 4-KGF 10325230 4-K GOAT FARM VI04 MA VERlCK, GEl 10320785 GEl - 80T

She is a very attractive doe with great pigmentation and a good bite. She has great extension through her chest floor and neck. We plan to show her also.


Born: February 5, 2009

Sire and Dam: NIX BESSER758 SA ALPHA, CHAR W 30

Josey has been one of our favorite does to show. She is a very large framed doe, more feminine than her Dam and we desire to get her enobled. She has a few kid points on her and we hope through correct breeding to obtain the required added points for her enoblement in the near future. She is one of those does, if you could you would fill your barn with.


Born: Feb 2, 2009

Sire and Dam: Y9910256548 NAMA HAKUNA MATATA, DCII0366461 DCI W007

Hakuna's Lady, is an older style brute of a doe with a large frame and very thick throughout. She is one of the largest does in our herd. She kids easily and feeds the kids well. She is being considered for a flush.

Chaquita **Doe of Excellence**

Born: Jan. 28, 2009

Sire and Dam: TWI 10318677 TWI NOT SO BOERING BULLDOG,PDF 10414248 PDF WI06

Chaquita was a doe we purchased from Tom Weatherhead. She was a favorite doe of ours to show in 2010, a foot injury took her out of the show string way too early at her peak, but she is still able to produce. She has just earned enough points between her and her kids to obtain her doe of excellence this coming year. Another one of those Class of 2009 does that just has it all going on.

Laura **Doe of Excellence**

Born: June 25, 2008

Sire and Dam: Alpha and Hannah

Laura is perhaps our favorite percentage doe. She is one of those does that you can't help but spend time with when performing the daily feeding. She has had two doe kids that have earned points to date. Bella, her kid from last year earned a spot on the chosen ten of the class she was in at NAILE in November. This year's kid, Mavericks Misty May we have hopes for in our show string for next year. It was an AI breeding to Enobled Maverick. Keep your eye on Laura, another great mother and easy keeping and great producing doe in our herd.